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it’s an exciting, thrilling and theatrical team activity where player work together to find a hidden treasure or reach a certain point using written directions and following a trail of clues

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Pirates of Amman is an event organized by The Office – Creative Community.
Pirates of Amman -Treasure Hunt is an outdoor competition which happens annually in Amman, where 250 teams compete against each other to win the grand prize. Each team consists of 4 players using their own car to play. Their missions are to solve the riddles to find the clues, search for hidden treasures, complete certain challenges and answer the given tests. The team with the highest score wins the final prize. At the beginning of the game each team is handed a box containing the set of clues. The first clue will lead to the second and so on. The Game is divided into 5 activities . Each team must complete the below activities and collect highest score to win.

Clues are shops or places located in Amman.
Each team has to solve riddles in order to
discover what and where the location is.
(represent places, mainly related to youth
interests, i.e. restaurants, gyms, clubs… etc.)

Treasures are to be found and
collected. Such as old objects, souvenirs
or a collectors items, etc. Each team
must do their best to collect as much
as they can of these items.

To be faced while playing to gain extra
points. Challenges are related directly
to your interests, i.e. sport activities,
Music, Cinema, Fashion… etc.

Number of pOA pirates

Number Of pOA cars

Number of pOA audience

Total amount of loots

total Amount of Treasures


Facebook followers

youtube views

a day full of entertainment

New special experience where participants have to hunt for thousands of dollars by solving clues, collecting treasures, doing challenges and completing different routes around Amman.

giveaways & discounts.

You will get many giveaways and discounts from famous brands/shops in Amman. The giveaways include electronics, mobile phones, dongles, Mi-Fis and discount vouchers.

explore amman.

Explore the hot spots in Amman, socialize with people and celebrities, Eat and mingle with your friends and discover new shops and places around Amman.

food & drinks

Some challenges will include exploring different types of food and drinks in order to earn points. Food and beverages will also be available at the end point, and Who doesn’t love free food!

cash prizes

Play, hunt and challenge others to win.
The winning team and their leader will win thousands
of dollars in Cash!

famous djs and bands.

You will celebrate with us at the end point with
one of the best DJs in town, your favorite local band
and much more.